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My client Jenny wrote her money story, which ended up more like a testimonial for how I work with my clients. I am so grateful to her for taking the time to do this and for giving me the opportunity to work with her. Read Jenny’s money story below:

“Before I met Pamela, I had been working on personal development and quickly realized I had money beliefs that were not serving me. I was living pay cheque to pay cheque and there never seemed to be enough to get by. I avoided looking at my bank accounts, cringed at the bills coming in the mail and panicked with any phone number calling me that I did not recognize. I doubted my ability to manage money effectively.

The universe gratefully, and in an unknowing fashion, connected Pamela and me. Six months later and we are still puzzled as to how we connected on Facebook. That connection ultimately led me to reach out to her for a free consultation. Her vibe and energy was a match and it was important to me that she realized and understand the importance of the underlying limiting beliefs surrounding money that was the weed to be exposed and dealt with.

Her initial questions proved to me that she wasn’t just about “fixing” the problem but working with me so that I had the tools and perhaps, even more importantly, the mindset for money success. In 30 minutes, she had gained my trust and I jumped into her 6 month program, maxing out that last credit card…GULP!

Over the 6 months, Pamela guided me through my budget (which I had attempted in the past, multiple times without success), and supported me through every step, every conversation I had to have with the appropriate people and was consistently my coach and cheerleader.

I had clear action steps to be taken between calls which made winning easy. Anytime I started to feel overwhelm, she would pick up on it (without me even having to say a word!) and worked through it with me until I was comfortable and confident that I could be successful at the task at hand – working step by step through the plan.

Now that my 6-month journey with Pamela has come to its’ conclusion, I am proud to say I am following my budget, my cash flow has significantly increased, I look forward to checking out my bank accounts and can spend money confidently. I can say I am CREDIT CARD DEBIT FREE which was something I had wishfully put down as a goal for the end of Dec 2020. I am excited and energetically working on my plan to be debt free now.

Having Pamela on my side to do what she does best allowed me to hand that worry over, which in turn cleared the anxiety from my head, allowing me to do what I do best. This led to better personal results in so many facets of my life – not just financial management.

My new money belief “????? ????? ?? ?? ??????” is the affirmation I will always thank Pamela for. You made what felt like the impossible – possible!” Jenny