Pamela completely transformed our financial situation and our understanding of how we spend and manage our money. She helped us set up a step-by-step plan that has put us on the path to financial prosperity and she expertly addressed our fears and anxiety and replaced them with knowledge and skills.

Pamela is a joy to work with and we recommend her services unreservedly – she is the best financial investment that we have ever made. – Elaine

Pamela was such a pleasure to work with. She was friendly and encouraging throughout, always helpful, thoughtful with both tools and expert advice on how to either tweak (or overhaul) money management habits that had been causing daily stress and could have led to potential hardship down the road.

She guided us through developing a personal budget that met our needs without feeling restrictive and suggested more realistic approaches to managing debt and maximizing our savings. Our work with Pamela has set us on a new path towards achieving financial security in both the short and long term.

Admittedly, we were nervous about the cost of engaging Pamela’s services, but we have easily saved that cost and more by applying the new skills and knowledge that she provided us.

In short, thanks to our work with Pamela, we find ourselves on a path towards a stronger and more secure financial footing. – M

 I came very close to quitting my business in 2019. Pamela is one of the reasons why I’ve been able to turn matters around.

She has helped me to effectively manage my incoming funds, set a personal and a business expenses budget, and has put me on a path to repair the damage I have done to my credit.

Along the way, she has provided me with support and guidance and is extremely generous with her time. For the first time in five years, I feel as though I am finally on a path toward financial independence with my business. I am so grateful to her.

If you, or anyone that you know is struggling to find their financial footing as a business owner, I highly recommend that they reach out to Pamela! T.

6 years ago, I lost most of my possessions and my car, and claimed bankruptcy because of a nasty divorce. I lived in dumps, my main meal choices were tuna or peanut butter for the first two years, and most of what I had was given to me or found for almost free. I moved 7 times in 6 years.

I dreamed of having a beautiful home again, but I never thought I would.

Over the past 4 years, I have managed to purchase new things to replace what I’d lost, and recently, I purchased… A HOUSE, thanks to Pamela George!

She is my financial counselor and was instrumental in helping me obtain my home and financial stability, AND I feel empowered. I still need to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

I would HIGHLY recommend Pamela George Financial Literacy.

Thank you, Pamela you really made my dream come true! – B

 January 2020, I had about $30,000 in consumer debt. November 2020, I am consumer-debt free.

PLUS, my credit score is now 768 – I remember it being in the 500 just last year. Thank you, Pam, I couldn’t do this without you” – KGB

I just wanted to again say thank you so much for all the guidance and support you have provided to me over the past year or so. People often say “I don’t know what I would have done without you” but in my case, I do know that I would be bankrupt right now if it weren’t for your help and advice.

Thank you for your caring and your empathy, and for your knowledge and your skill. You’ve made a very stressful situation much easier to handle and I’m forever grateful to you for that. – TW

From the time we started, my debt has gone down almost $30,000, and my husband’s Visa bill has gone down from almost $47,000 to just under $18,000.

We have just under $3,000 in emergency savings and we are on track with our savings goals.

The best news is that we are well under way to meeting our debt-free goal by March 2023!

We still have a LOT of debt, but I am feeling so much more confident now that we will actually be able to pay it off, and then be able to actually focus on savings & investments for retirement. Your budgeting and guidance have been everything to make this happen.

I could not have done it without you, and I am so deeply grateful for your help & guidance.
I thank you very much – D

Since working with Pamela my attitude towards money has changed and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am in the driver’s seat when it comes to my finances.

I have been to many financial institutions seeking financial guidance only to be sold an additional product. Working with Pamela is different, she is passionate about her work, cares about the success of her clients and does this work out of purpose not quotas that must be met.

Pamela has provided a clear path and methods so that I can now live within my means reducing much of my stress around my finances. She has also provided peace of mind and that is truly priceless. – S

Before meeting Pamela, my wife and I had been stuck in never-ending debt. No matter how we tried, it felt like the load was never going down.

We met with another financial expert who seemed to cringe at our situation and suggested we consider filing for Bankruptcy. This was not encouraging at all nor was it a viable plan.

Once Pamela entered the picture, our future became much brighter. She quickly got our finances organized and worked on our business and personal budgets.

Nearly six months after our first meeting, I had a very large unexpected expense that had to be taken care of immediately. The old me would have been unable to handle this financial crisis and would have needed to dig deeper and deeper into debt just to survive.

Because of Pamela’s financial plan, I was able to cover this expense without resorting to debt. I didn’t even have to change my lifestyle at all and was still able to continue savings for the future. This sense of relief and peace of mind is PRICELESS. – J

Pamela was instrumental in helping me sort out my business and personal finances with a straightforward, easy to follow plan. Her guidance will ensure that my business has a safety financial net while still eliminating consumer debt. Thank you for sharing your experience in developing a wonderfully organized, financial plan. – L

When a friend suggested I contact Pam, my husband was immediately on board. Me? Not so much. I never liked talking about money with anyone outside my family. But I knew we needed to figure out a better way to manage our money. We weren’t panicking and we weren’t in crisis, but we definitely had some important opportunities we were missing and, most importantly, we were motivated.

Pam helped get us organized and on track with a plan. (I love plans!) And now we have one that factors in the life we want to live and the goals we want to achieve. Pam’s warm, helpful approach helped me get over my initial hesitancy. In fact, there are few people I’ve enjoyed working with more than Pam.

Don’t wait, hesitate or let your fears keep you from working with someone like Pam to find the opportunities you’re missing in your finances – K

To be honest, I have never learned how to properly budget, which caused my debts to gradually increase over time. Pamela George has helped me organize my finances to the last penny. I know now with confidence and a timeline that I will be able to reach my goals. A huge weight has been lifted! I know that Pamela will always be there to answer questions and reassure me that anything is possible. I would recommend Pamela George in a heartbeat (I already have). – G

I had the pleasure of working with Pamela.  I do have to admit that I had my reservations in the beginning, mainly about spending more money. I now have to say that it was one of my smartest decisions.

Pamela is very nice, down-to-earth, and easy to talk to.  I never felt judged about my financial situation.  I was happy to learn how to properly organize my business and personal finances.  In a short period of time, I started feeling that I was gaining control of my finances and debt repayment. I now feel there is light at the end of that tunnel. – M

In April this year, I contacted Pamela and asked for her help with my finances.

She gladly accepted and did a full analysis of my financial situation at the time and asked many questions.

She made a few suggestions to cut back on certain expenses in order to balance my budget. It was not easy but I had her full support. If I needed to vent, she was always there to listen. It was greatly appreciated.

I’ve been extremely impressed that she really cares about her clients and it shows.

She helped me to balance my budget and followed up periodically to ensure that I stayed on track and answered any questions that I had.

She also taught how save money for my future. She is passionate and loves to help her clients achieve their goals.

I highly recommend Pamela for all your financial needs. She’s professional, organized and experienced. She’s also very funny, positive sincere, kind and cares.

Thanks, Pamela, for all your help and giving me peace of mind. You’re great. – H

Pam has been my lighthouse for a while. She has helped me manage my finances before the COVID-19 crisis and continues to guide me with her professionalism, honesty and compassion. I feel calm and reassured to have her by my side. I would recommend Pam to be your Financial Literacy and Credit Counsellor in a heartbeat.  – C