Month: March 2020

What do diet and debt have in common?

I have struggled with my weight all my life and with the dawn of this new year, I once again, like all the years before, promised myself, that this year would be the year, I would finally get my weight under control. I have been an extra 30-50 pounds for the past twenty years and …

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Raquel – October 2018

“Last week, Pamela George visited our office to introduce herself in person, and to explain her credit counselling and financial literacy programs. It was exciting to learn how she helps her clients with everything from budgeting to debt reduction to savings. In many relationships, one spouse handles the finances. When they separate, the other spouse …

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Kendra S – November 2018

“Working with Pamela has been one of the best choices I’ve made in my life. She helped me change my approach to the day-to-day handling of money and worked with me to create a multi-tiered savings plan. With Pam’s help, my stress levels directly involving money have significantly lowered. This lowered stress has also had …

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