Take the weight of financial struggles off your team

Businesses are more successful when their employees are financially well. And your employees deserve to have a program that gives them the tools to take back control of their personal finances.

In a report compiled by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, 40% of Canadians indicated they feel overwhelmed by their level of debt, 48% say they’ve actually lost sleep over financial worries.

The data is clear: financial stress impacts work with more absences, increased turnover, lower morale/engagement and more.

The bottom line? Helping employees with financial wellness helps your business.

Give your employees support with financial education.

The majority of employees (70%) feel employers should offer support for financial well-being and 84% would be interested in programs offered at work.

You can be the kind employer that fills this important need.

I offer a workplace program that provides tools, education and support so the people on your team can become confident and empowered money managers.

As they transform their personal finances, your business will benefit from well-rested, engaged and productive people.

Enhance your employer brand with a financial wellness program.

In providing this opportunity to your team, you’ll become known as an employer who cares about the personal financial well-being of the people you rely on every day.

It’s important to augment the employee experience with meaningful personal and professional development offerings. It helps attract new candidates and retain the talented team you’ve worked so hard to build.