Don’t let money struggles steal your joy

Life is easier when you have a plan for your money

It’s easy to say “set a budget and stick to it,” but knowing where to start isn’t so simple. That’s why I’ve developed a system that breaks it all down for you.

You tell me what you need and together we’ll create a plan to eliminate your stress and worry caused by money problems.

The money management approach you never learned in school

When clients work with me, they walk away with the tools and knowledge they need to change their life for the better.

Whether you’re carrying debt or simply want a plan to avoid debt, I’ve got you covered.


Get empowered
with a
money management plan


your money and
make lasting changes

You can get empowered like these clients, too

To be honest, I have never learned how to properly budget, which caused my debts to gradually increase over time. Pamela George has helped me organize my finances to the last penny. I know now with confidence and a timeline that I will be able to reach my goals. A huge weight has been lifted! I know that Pamela will always be there to answer questions and reassure me that anything is possible. I would recommend Pamela George in a heartbeat (I already have). 

– G

 6 years ago, I lost most of my possessions and my car, and claimed bankruptcy because of a nasty divorce. I lived in dumps, my main meal choices were tuna or peanut butter for the first two years, and most of what I had was given to me or found for almost free.

I moved 7 times in 6 years.

I dreamed of having a beautiful home again, but I never thought I would. Over the past 4 years, I have managed to purchase new things to replace what I’d lost, and recently, I purchased… A HOUSE, thanks to Pamela George!

She is my financial counselor and was instrumental in helping me obtain my home and financial stability, AND I feel empowered. I still need to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.
I would HIGHLY recommend Pamela George Financial Literacy.
Thank you, Pamela you really made my dream come true!
– B

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