How to set a budget that aligns with your values

Often, when people hear the word budget, they associate it with restriction. I know because I hear this from my clients all the time! The word “budget” has a bad reputation so, I understand the inclination to shy away from it. But the reality is that budgeting doesn’t need to feel restrictive at all! In …

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My client Jenny wrote her money story, which ended up more like a testimonial for how I work with my clients. I am so grateful to her for taking the time to do this and for giving me the opportunity to work with her. Read Jenny’s money story below: “Before I met Pamela, I had …

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My client’s money story as we start our work

My client’s money story as we start our work together.  I share these stories in the hope that it would help others to see that they are not alone in their financial journey. Please reach out if you  have a money story you wish to share. “I am a single mother and solopreneur in my …

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