Why Financial Literacy

What is financial literacy and why it matters

Stop the money struggles and live your best life

Not having money can make you feel isolated

I grew up very poor. My mother was illiterate, and unable to bring in much money, so we had to depend on her abusive partner to get by. As I watched the impact that had on her life and her children’s lives, I knew I wanted better for myself.

As an adult, that experience led me to learn about money and how to manage it so that I can be self-sufficient and live the life that I want. 

Most people have more money than they realize

There are three key themes I see repeated with my clients:

  1. They don’t know how much they’re really spending.
  2. They don’t know where to start to establish a budget.
  3. They don’t know they have enough money to start saving.

You don’t have to be in financial crisis to see how this combination can lead to money struggles. And the fear and anxiety can be crippling.

Financial literacy is key to improving your money situation

Years ago, I started having informal conversations with college students and sometimes their parents about how to manage their money. It was clear to me that the lack of education on personal finance in schools has made generations of Canadians financially vulnerable.

I wanted to share the knowledge I’ve gained with others so they can feel more confident and in control of their money.

I believe no one should have to live with mountains of debt.

I believe everyone should know how to set and manage a budget.

I believe knowing how to manage your money empowers you to live the life you want.

When I work with you, I’ll help you build a plan to eliminate debt with a budget you can manage, so you can live the life you want.

My approach to spreading knowledge about money

Knowledge is power. I can teach you how money works so you can use that information to your benefit.

I help you examine your relationship with money to acknowledge potential pitfalls and plan ways to change behaviours that don’t serve you.

We’ll look at the mindsets you have around money that so many have carried from a young age.

With my programs, you can gain knowledge, establish a healthy relationship, and shift your mindset—all thanks to a better understanding of the big picture of your finances.

The impact is often life changing.

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