Are you financially ready to travel?

Are you financially ready to travel_

I think we can agree that most of us are energetically ready to travel. After being at home for over a year, and having to put any plans of travel to the side, most – if not all – of us are likely ready to hop on a plane as soon as it’s safe to …

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My six months pandemic journey.

My six months pandemic journey. March 11th 2020 was the day that I was supposed to be heading back to Canada after a three-month winter break in the Caribbean. Instead, that was the day that the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic as a result of Covid-19. Because of the all warnings and news …

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5 things you can do to start building your emergency fund

We should all have an emergency fund. The amount for this fund varies, depending on who you ask. I believe, if you are self-employed, you should aim for six month’s worth of expenses. If you are permanently employed, I suggest the equivalent of three month’s income. Below are five tips you can use to start …

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What story is your credit report telling?

Your credit report tells your financial story, and your credit score, most times, will have the final word. But what if the financial story that your credit report tells, is not the whole story? I am reminded of a 2009 Ted Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie where Adichie pointed out the dangers of a single …

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I have a headache

“I have a headache” “I’m too tired” “I’m too busy” “I don’t want to right now” No, I’m not talking about sex, at least not directly. Do you say those words to your partner when they ask to talk to you about money or when they ask you to sit with them while they pay …

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